Have you been playing around with your ClickUp account but have no clue how to actually set it up for your business?

Don't let your ClickUp account
become another piece of forgotten software.

This template will give you a framework for getting your business organized so you can make sure tasks and important information don’t get forgotten or lost. Video instruction is included to ensure you are successful in personalizing your account to meet the needs of your business. As an added bonus, it also includes many tips and tricks to organize the systems and processes in your business.

What if I gave you a template to get you started setting up your ClickUp account? That's one ClickUp space with 8 folders!!!

  • Video instruction to get you started and help you personalize your ClickUp account
  • CEO folder to store all your business specific information, great ideas, quarterly plans, Weekly To Do list, and team info including checklists for hiring
  • CRM folder to help you manage all your leads
  • Administrative folder to keep track of recurring tasks 
  • Team Resource folder with suggestions of information to include so your new and current team members can find what they need
  • Track all of your important dates in the Calendar folder
  • Plan out all of your content in the Marketing folder, including social media, blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Create a plan for your next product or service in the Product/Service Development folder
ClickUp Template

Don't waste anymore time trying to get your
ClickUp account set up so it's working for you!

>>Easy-to-follow VIDEO INSTRUCTION + TEMPLATES so you aren’t doing this all on your own.

Each folder contains task cards with suggestions for information to include as well as some that include guided step-by-step suggestions.

I highly recommend Angie Askelsen of Efficient & Empowered for her expertise in systems and organization. Her ClickUp for Business Template is a game-changer for my business operations – it’s well-organized, and now I know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. The video explanations for each step are incredibly helpful, whether you’re a seasoned ClickUp user or a newbie. Angie’s expertise in productivity and organization shines through in her templates. Thank you, Angie, for your valuable services!    ~Shana Brophy

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