Important Steps To Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Hire a Virtual Assistant

I hope you’ve been with me on the journey of reading through my past blogs posts. I’ve discussed:

  • what is a virtual assistant
  • which tasks can a virtual assistant do
  • what are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant
  • how to know when you are ready to hire a virtual assistant

(If you missed any of those blog posts, click here to find them.)

If you have been with me, maybe you’ve filled out the worksheet found in the blog post, “Hire A Virtual Assistant When The Time Is Right”

Maybe, after all your research, you’ve decided that you and your business have a need and are ready to hire a virtual assistant.

Now what?!?!

What are the important steps you need to take to hire a virtual assistant?

Steps For Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Before you set off an a search for a virtual assistant, you want to make sure you have a plan. Here is a list of the important steps you need to take to hire a virtual assistant.

  1. First, determine the tasks you are wanting to outsource.
  2. Next, determine your budget.
  3. How do you want a virtual assistant candidate to apply?
    1. via email
    2. filling out an online application or questionnaire
    3. submitting a portfolio, Facebook business page, or website
  4. Then, determine a date when the applications are due.
  5. Finally, determine a potential start date.

Of course, there may be other things to consider depending on your business and the tasks you are wanting to outsource. This list will get you started and on the right track.

Where To Look For An Freelance Virtual Assistant

To learn how to start my business as a virtual assistant, I took Micala Quinn’s online course called Overwhelmed to Overbooked. 

In addition to her course, Micala provides access to her private Facebook course group in which everyone bounces ideas off each other and continues to learn about the freelance world from one another. 

Let me tell you, there’s a ton of talent in that group eager to work!

This would be a great place to start your search for a virtual assistant. Once you fill out the hire form, virtual assistants will contact you.

To get to Micala’s hire form go to

On your way! 

Good luck with finding a virtual assistant! 

And if you do find one, please comment below about which route you took and how things are working out.

But before you leave, please check out the services I offer by clicking here. I’d love to chat to see if there’s something I can help you with.

Until next time, stay happy, stay strong!

P.S. If you are looking to become a virtual assistant and are interested in more information about Micala Quinn’s program, Overwhelmed to Overbooked, click here to get her 7 Steps Checklist. (This is an affiliate link which simply means that if you would buy her course, I get a portion of the cost at no additional cost to you.)

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