Plan For 2021 With A Strategic Planning Session

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Plan ahead for success with a Strategic Mapping Session with Angie!

With a new year quickly approaching, you may want to consider developing a plan for 2021 with a Strategic Planning Session. I recently started offering Strategic Planning Sessions as a new service in my business. I’m really excited about this service because I think it could be the game changer for a lot of small businesses.

I created this new offer in response to current clients wanting to have a quarterly brain dump and evaluation of the current state of their business. This action provides a good barometer for what needs attention in the next quarter. 

Recognizing that my retainer clients aren’t the only ones who could benefit from this quarterly strategic planning, I decided to offer my Strategic Planning Session as a stand-alone service. This is perfect for the small business owner who is either on her own or has a team in place to help her implement the plan.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Before we even begin adding projects and tasks to a quarterly plan, we first evaluate the current mission, vision, and values of the business. While the values most likely will stay constant over time, the mission and vision may shift with time.

Your mission is a statement about the current purpose of your business. It answers the questions about who you serve and how you serve your clients or customers. You may even put your mission on your website so visitors are clear on your ideal client and how you can help them.

Your vision is a statement about where you see yourself and your business in the next 5-10 years. Unlike the mission statement, the vision statement is something you keep to yourself. Writing a vision statement is a chance for you to dream big about personal and business goals. This can be hard for some business owners to do because they have to be focused on the reality of the here-and-now. It’s really an important piece of the process, however, because it helps you identify goals in order to see your dreams become a reality.

Seven Business Objectives

Once we’ve identified the mission, vision, and values of the business, we will analyze the current state of the following seven key business objectives. 

  1. Financials
  2. Visibility
  3. Operational Efficiencies
  4. Team Growth
  5. Product Development & Innovation
  6. Client Experience
  7. Personal Growth & Development

During this time, we’ll discuss what’s going well, what’s in place, what could use some improvement, and goals or projects of things that need to be done. It’s the piece of the Strategic Planning Session that takes the longest because we take a deep dive into your business to really figure out the current state and what should be done to move the business to the next level.

Prioritize Projects

Now that the projects that need attention have been determined, we can start to schedule them according to priority. Not every project needs attention right away. Likewise, the number of projects you are able to tackle in a quarter will depend on the size of your team.

Through some conversation, we decide which projects need to take priority. This decision is based on a lot of different factors. Some deciding factors include which project will bring in the most profit quickly, can you take on more projects if a new team member is hired, and many others.

We can schedule projects out for as far as you like. Usually we don’t schedule for more than 12 months because circumstances and priorities can change quickly. The quarter that is most important, however, is the upcoming quarter. For this quarter, you want to get specific about dates in which you will start to work on a project.

It’s Time To Get Busy

Once you have goals for projects to complete each quarter, you can start to get busy. Assign your team tasks to work on towards the completion of each goal. With clarity about the next steps to take a renewed sense of direction in your business, you will feel more productive and begin to see forward movement in your business.

In order to give my clients even more support, I also offer quarterly check-ins in which we re-evaluate the business following the same procedure. First, we review the projects that have been completed and the ones that are still in progress. From there we do another brain dump and plan out the next quarter based on the projects that are still in progress and add new projects. This quarterly check-in makes sure you continue to have a plan for moving forward in your business.

If you are ready to plan for 2021 with a Strategic Planning Session, head over to my website contact page to set up a call with me.

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Start 2021 right with a plan!

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